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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Big Pink Elephant

It appears that there is a big pink elephant in the middle of the room and no one wants to talk about it. Before the last election a lot of people did a lot of campaigning for and against a levy for a new school. I don't know if any of them looked at the real facts.  This blog has unearthed a lot of cold, hard facts.  Numbers usually don't lie, especially when they can be backed up with facts.  In this case the research that I did came from the Board of
Elections and the Ohio Department of Education.
These facts show very plainly that people within the city limits of Greenville pretty much support the schools and with only a couple of exceptions, everyone else whom we've invited into the system in years past doesn't support the schools at all.  It's right there in black and white.  No one has said a word about it.
A comparison of Greenville Schools Sophomore classes taking the Ohio Graduation Test with schools within 25 miles of Greenville shows that we consistently come in behind everyone else.  Those figures weren't made up, they're the State of Ohio figures, not just last year but for the last 4 years.
Well as this elephant gets bigger, you got to wonder if all those people outside Greenville knew this and not voting was there way of complaining about low test scores and the people in the city just didn't care or what.  More than likely nobody ever looked at the stats before.  The counter on this blog was reset at 500 hits and it now has over 700 so it's pretty obvious that at least 700 people know what the statistics are now and yet the elephant still stands there. No one has said a word
It's sort of embarrassing that the levy went down as many times as it has.  It's even more embarrassing that our kids are graduating and the figures show that they only comprehend about 75% of what they were taught.  Why is that? In 20 years those same kids will be wondering where all the elephants came from!

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