Greenville Board of Education Meetings

The Greenville City School's Board of Education meets the third Tuesday each month in the Anna Bier Room at Henry St. Clair Memorial Hall. At this time, members of the board are: Cindy Scott, Ben Studebaker, Sue Bowman, Jim Sommer, Joe Payne

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

What's next?

The next big thing is to Vote Yes for Greenville Schools on November 8!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Upcoming Event

The next upcoming event for the Citizens for Quality Greenville Schools will occur on Saturday September 10, 2011 at 10:00 AM at Memorial Hall.  Invitations have been sent out to all elected officials in the 8 townships, 2 villages and the City of Greenville that compose the Greenville School System. At this gathering all of the information concerning the proposed new school will be presented to these community leaders.  It is the hope of the committee that this will form a nucleus of people where good information on the school project can come from..

Monday, August 22, 2011


This is the building the committee chose.
The Project 
- A new, fully furnished facility for grades k-8 and renovations to the existing High School. .
- An environmentally friendly and efficient building utilizing the benefits of "green"technology
- A building in which security features provide a safe environment for students and staff.
- New classrooms providing up-to-date technology, science labs, and flexible learning spaces to enhance the instructional environment.
- A building providing the space and accessibility to meet the needs of our physically challenged population.
- Renovations to the exisiting high school to create efficiencies of operation and enhanced educational opportunities.

  • The Rationale: 
    • .The Ohio Schools Facilities Commission (OSFC) advised the district that aging buildings would cost more to renovate than to replace and OSFC would provide co-funding accordingly.
    • The consolidation of Woodland, East, South, and the Junior High would allow operational cost reductions contrasting the current building configuration.
    • The State's financial commitment to GCS's for the project is $18,192,750.
    • Interest rates are at an all time low. 
    • It is much more cost efficient to run one new building than four old buildings.

  • The Cost For Taxpayer:
    • 6.43 Mills for 28 years and 1/4% School District Income Tax
      • With the elimination of a 2 mil permanent improvement levy enacted in 1989
    • $ 100,000 home = $173 annually (taxpayer 64 years old and less living in home)
    • $ 100,000 home = $144 annually (taxpayer 65 years or older living in home)
    • $ 25,000 income = $63.00 annually ($50 Senior Credit)
  • For information on figuring your tax burden go here:
    The last new school built in the Greenville School District is the current High School. It will be 50 years old in 2013. There is money in the Ohio School Facilities Commission grant to refurbish the high school. It seemed that this was the most prudent course of action to take at this time. The current cost for operation of our current buildings is around $1.70 per square foot. New schools similar to ours are operating for less than half of that. So we go from four inefficient schools to one very efficient school and our operating levy lasts that much longer.

    Thursday, August 18, 2011

    Publications Group

    Citizens  for Quality Greenville Schools has met for an organizational meeting and many sub groups are busy working on different parts of the campaign to get the money to build a new school.  The Publications Group will handle everything that has to do with promoting the levy.

    That committee met tonight and subgroups went to work on various parts of that groups areas.  People are working news releases, adds for the fair as well as information for hand outs and presentations.  Meetings are  being scheduled for local voters so that there are no questions unanswered.  Look for more information right here very soon. 

    Thursday, August 11, 2011

    August 11, a Big Day for GSD

    This evening there will be a meeting to introduce the school levy campaign to people who are interested in helping with the campaign.  The information given out tonight will only pertain to what the campaign will consist of, how the campaign will be run and what it will consist of.  Anyone who is interested in the campaign and wants to help should be at Memorial hall at 7.  Hope to see your there.

    Wednesday, July 27, 2011

    We're on Our Way

    An organizational meeting was held in the Anna Bier Room of Memorial Hall today for the committee that will guide the district through the election process to acquire the money necessary for a new school.  The meeting was well attended and people volunteered for assignments in areas that they felt comfortable in.  This will all lead to an eventual development of informational presentations that will be presented throughout the district.  Watch here for more info as the process continues.