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The Greenville City School's Board of Education meets the third Tuesday each month in the Anna Bier Room at Henry St. Clair Memorial Hall. At this time, members of the board are: Cindy Scott, Ben Studebaker, Sue Bowman, Jim Sommer, Joe Payne

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Brief History of GCSD or How this has gotten out of control.

In the early 1950's the Greenville City School District (GCSD) was just that.  There were many kids from the Townships surrounding Greenville attending high school "in town", but they were paying tuition.  Somewhere along the line, someone decided that was a bad idea.  The solution was that Washington and Greenville Twp. would join the Greenville City Schools and give us the Washington Twp School and Greenville Twp would give us the Greenville Twp School.  A contest was held to rename the five year old building on SR 118 N and it became Woodland Heights.  Along the line the Neave Twp School in Ft. Jefferson had closed as well and the Richland Twp building in Beamsville.  All of this gave the GCSD more pupils.  It also gave us more people to convince every time a levy was needed.  In most cases, taxes were lowered by joining the Greenville District, but none the less over time the job became harder when it came time to put a levy on the ballot.  The last to join was Gettysburg and GCSD got another old building and people in Adams Twp. lost their identity. To add insult to injury, US Route 36 was rerouted outside of Gettysburg and the through traffic that gave merchants some business was now gone. 

The question now needing an answer is this.  Do the people in Adams, Neave, Washington, Greenville and other townships want to be in the  Greenville district and will they support the school system in the future?  In looking at the map, there seems to be no reason for some of the areas that belong to the GCSD.  Persistently 3 or 4 people from Wayne Twp. have voted in the elections.  Would those people be better served by attending Versailles?  Do the people on the east side of Gettysburg feel more of an allegiance to Bradford which is only  2 miles away?  The village of Wayne Lakes which didn't exist 40 years ago has never had a school system.  Do they want one? Just as persistently, there have always been 8 to 10 people in Liberty Twp vote on the GCSD issues and consistently voted 90 to 100% against them.  Do they want or need to be part of Tri-Village as there neighbors are?  Probably an even better question is: Has anyone asked them? Is it possible.  Has the Greenville Board of Education ever had a meeting outside of Memorial Hall? Is that possible?  It seems a good idea that when you want someone to do something for you the idea of going to talk to them face to face might be a pretty good idea.  What do you think?

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